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The brand Fun88 India is one of the most popular online casino brands in India. The popularity of Fun88 India is down to a number of factors. In a glimpse, these include the ability to accommodate casino players and sports punters, the availability of a wide variety of gaming products, availability of numerous customer support platforms manned by courteous and friendly support agents, employment of strong safety and security mechanisms as well as a wide variety of ultra fast payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

Out of all the numerous great things about Fun88 India, today we are going to take time in exploring one of the casino’s positives that is, the wide variety of ultra fast payment methods that it supports for both deposits and methods.

Payment Methods Supported


AliPay is a mobile wallet-based payment method that players can use to make deposits at Fun88 India. With AliPay, players simply store their debit card/credit card details in their AliPay wallet. Once they do, they can conveniently make deposits using their mobile phones to their Fun88 India account. The beauty of using AliPay is that it shields the player from divulging his credit/debit card details upon making a deposit at the online casino. This therefore works as an added layer of security that shields the player from online fraudsters.

We Chat Pay

We Chat Pay is a mobile payment method which allows players to effortlessly make deposits into their Fun88 India accounts. Players load their We Chat Pay account by simply linking the account to their credit/debit card. Once linked, players will just use the Quick Pay function to make deposits effortlessly. The Quick Pay function entails scanning the QR code presented on the player’s smartphone to the one presented on the Fun88 India site. Once the codes match, the amount specified as the deposit amount will instantly land in the player’s Fun88 India account.


SticPay is a mobile wallet which functions just like the two methods discussed above. This essentially means players have to link their SticPay accounts with other banking options. At the same time, this also means Stic Pay has an added layer of security as it shields the player from divulging some banking details online when making deposits. However, one thing that sticks out when it comes to SticPay is that it has a Stic Card – a prepaid card that players can use for making instant withdrawals at various ATMs nationwide. SticPay therefore can be used for both deposits as well as withdrawals.


FastPay is mobile wallet payment methods which just like its name portrays offers fast transaction processing times. This mobile wallet can be used at Fun88 India to facilitate both deposits and withdrawals. What players need to do is to download the FastPay mobile app. Link the app to a banking option of their choice most preferably a credit/debit card. Once this is done, the player will now be able to start processing transactions. Only the user’s FastPay number and mobile phone number will be divulged when processing transactions meaning all other important banking details are protected thus ensuring the safety and security of players online.


Skrill is a digital wallet that players at Fun88 India can use for making deposits. The option is also available for players when it comes to making withdrawals. With Skrill, players have to open an account first. Once opened, the account needs to be funded using numerous other banking methods. These funds can then be used in turn to make deposits at the casino and Skrill India deposits are all renowned to be safe, secure and ultra fast.


AstroPay is a prepaid card that allows players to safely and effortlessly make deposits at online casinos including Fun88 India. To get the AstroPay card, players need to sign up and purchase the prepaid card online. Once the card arrives in the player’s mail, the player will need to activate it using the code sent via the email. Players ought to note that when purchasing the AstroPay card, they will define the credit balance they want. Credit balances start from a lowly $10 rising all the way up to $100. In addition to making deposits, players ought to note that they can also use their AstroPay cards to initiate withdrawals – of course, it’s important to take note of the card credit balance when initiating withdrawals. The AstroPay card guarantees player anonymity online when used something which endears it with millions of gamers.


EcoPayz is an online payment method which allows players to make deposits and initiate withdrawals at Fun88 India. Players first need to sign up in order to start using the EcoPayz platform. Once players sign up, they can link their EcoPayz account with another banking option or simply move funds into the EcoPayz account directly. The funds available in the EcoPayz account will also be available in the user’s EcoPayz prepaid card once it’s activated. This card can be used at various ATMs that accept MasterCard hence it’s a great option for withdrawals. EcoPayz supports over 46 currencies and the Indian rupee is one of these. This therefore means Indian players can use their local currency when they settle for the EcoPayz method.


As is the case with most other online casinos and sportsbooks, direct bank deposits as well as withdrawals are possible at UPI/Net Banking. The banks that support UPI/Net Banking at Fun88 India include Central Bank of India, Indian Bank, YES Bank, PNB, ICICI Bank, Canara Bank, Union Bank, Standard Chartered, SBI, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank.

When it comes to payment methods, Fun88 India is simply an incredible online casino and sportsbook as it offers a wide variety of banking methods. These banking methods therefore give players great convenience as it allows them to use their preferred banking methods on the gambling site instead of just being restricted on the few available. It’s against this background therefore that Fun88 India has greatly endeared itself with many Indian players hence it massive popularity in the country. For more related articles please visit:




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