Microgaming: Carnaval Jackpot Slot Game Review

carnaval jackpot slot review

Software developers love to mix things around when developing online slot machines. Sometimes, the games they develop do come with some cryptic titles which require one to analyze deeply before deciphering what the game is potentially about. However, in some instances, software developers simply come up with slot machines that come with simple and straightforward titles – just by looking at the titles, one can conclude what the game is all about when it comes to the game theme and plot. One such slot that comes with a simple and straightforward title is the Microgaming powered Carnaval Jackpot.  

The title of this slot machine does reveal two things in particular. First, the game has something to do with a carnival/festival hence the word ‘Carnaval’. Indeed, this slot comes with a fun festive theme hence it’s a great proposition to all players fond of fun-filled games. Second, the reference to ‘Jackpot’ in the title points to the fact that the game comes with a jackpot. Indeed, there is a jackpot that players stand to hit when spinning the five reels of this slot machine that come with 9 paylines. There are more things to learn however when it comes to the game theme, plot as well as other game features hence all those looking to learn about these simply need to continue reading this review. 

Game Modes 

To start one’s adventure playing the fun-filled Carnaval Jackpot online slot, players ought to know that they are presented with two options. These options coming in the form of game modes. The game modes namely are the demo mode and the real money mode.  

When it comes to the demo mode, players ought to know that this mode can be equated to the real money mode. What this simply entails that when players choose to play in the demo mode, they will basically be playing a practice session. To practice Carnaval Jackpot slot, players do not need to wager any of their funds. Rather, they receive free courtesy from the game developer which they use in spinning the reels. Playing in the demo mode is great as it means that players get the opportunity to learn more about gameplay rules and instructions, playing tricks as well as winning strategy free of charge.  

The second mode that players can play the game in is the real money mode. It’s advisable to settle for this mode only once players have mastered gameplay rules and instructions via the demo mode. In the real money mode, players can only start their gaming session once they wager their own real cash. The minimum required on this front is 0.27 coins per spin, the max bet is set at 54.00 coins per spin. 

Game Symbols 

The action when playing Carnaval Jackpot online slot game is made all worthwhile thanks to the numerous symbols encountered on the reels. It is these symbols that help the player scoop some excellent payouts when three or more identical icons are landed on the same payline. At the same time, it is these symbols that play a part in triggering the bonus features including the chance to hit the jackpot! The exact symbols encountered during a session are as follows: 

  • Wild: The colourful artifact inscribed WILD does possess wild powers when spinning the five reels of this slot machine. As the substituting symbol, the wild does substitute for all symbols with the exception of the scatter. Players ought to know that they can only spot the wild on the middle reels as the wild lands only on reels 2, 3 and 4. 
  • Scatter: The slot’s scatter is represented by the icon inscribed SCATTER.
  • Standard game symbols: High-value and low-value standard symbols encountered during a gaming session include the beautiful lady icon, a human character putting on a white face mask, a colourful flag, a trumpet and some royal symbols.

Bonus Features 

  • Jackpot Respin: Three or more of the scatter icons landing on the reels at the same time help the player trigger the Jackpot Respin. When the feature activates, the player receives a respin. During the respin, only scatter icons and empty positions land on the reels. All triggering scatters as well as subsequent scatters landing on the reels turn sticky and remain in their positions till the end of the round. Landing scatters during the respin help the player trigger another respin – this cycle continues for as long as more scatters keep landing on the reels or when all positions are filled by scatters. At the end of the feature, the number of scatters on the reels determines the jackpot prize the player gets to win. The jackpot prizes are awarded in the following fashion: 
  • 6 scatters award a 10x multiplier
  • 7 scatters award a 12x multiplier
  • 8 scatters award a 14x multiplier
  • 9 scatters award an 18x multiplier
  • 10 scatters award a 24x multiplier
  • 11 scatters award a 32x multiplier
  • 12 scatters award a 48x multiplier
  • 13 scatters award an 80x multiplier
  • 14 scatters award a 400x multiplier
  • 15 scatters award a 4000x multiplier  

Mobile Play 

Do you happen to be on the go or you are just watching your kid play at the local playground, worry not about accessing Carnaval Jackpot slot as Microgaming made this slot mobile compatible. This, therefore, means players can access the game wherever they are via their mobile devices be it on tablets or smartphones.  

Round Up 

Carnaval Jackpot comes with a great and fun theme which takes players on a virtual trip to an entertaining carnival. As life at a carnival is all too simple, Microgaming made sure that gameplay playing Carnaval Jackpot is also too simple. This can be seen by the presence of just one solitary bonus round. By restricting majority of the action in the base game, Microgaming made this slot a great proposition to all types of players from the pro players to the beginner players with little to zero gaming experience.

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