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Ezugi casino review India

Ezugi Poker Review is about one of the newest online casinos to come on the internet, this virtual casino offers a wide array of games to choose from and is very popular with online casino players who want to play for real money. They have become one of the best-kept secrets on the internet and offer an exciting chance for any player, beginner or expert, to win big while playing at home. This review aims to let you know all about the company behind this exciting online casino in India and to help you decide if this is something you would like to try. By the end of this Ezugi review you should know whether you should make your own way to this impressive virtual world or stick to the advice and review given below.

What is Ezugi?


Ezugi is a leading software solution provider because of the fact it specializes in online, live Dealer games and it’s focus is on ensuring their quality and range are above average. The live streaming technology used by Ezugi means that the online casino players can view a well-presented dealer system, how they operate the live poker game in real-time and observe how a good dealer plays the table games. They can also ask questions during the game, post queries or suggestions and even interact with other players. This is not possible with any other live dealer casino software solutions available on the internet. These features go a long way in attracting new online casino players.

Online casinos offer a wide variety of products and services to attract customers but one of the most attractive features for many players is the ability to play against a live dealer. This is a very nice feature, as this provides the opportunity to try out different strategies and play against a professional in the process. This will not only improve your skills but will also allow you to get some valuable practice in before facing real-life dealers. If you want to play your favorite casino games at home, without having to travel there, then ezugi would be a great addition to your online gambling experience.

Top Tier Technology

Another benefit to playing ezugi on the web is its ezugi live streaming technology. This offers all casino game players the opportunity to view the dealer’s table games live from almost anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to a high speed internet connection you will be able to see all the action, even if you are located thousands of miles away! The streaming technology works by adjusting the graphics so that the colors are clear and you are able to clearly see the positions of all your favorite team members. This ensures that you can engage with the game at full steam and use all the strategies available to ensure you make the right betting decisions.

As we have mentioned previously, ezugi has an excellent range of products to offer both new and old players of all ages. The studio is continuously improving upon its software, in order to provide the best gaming experience for its users. This means that every day there are new games and enhanced versions of old classics being added to the lineup. For the more adventurous types there is a wide range of challenging challenges to complete, including a deadly prison break and a tricky casino room design. In this review we take a look at one of the more unusual games offered by the studio:

For those unfamiliar with the ezugi website it was founded by two former executives from Interton Digital, the high tech software company behind a host of popular online casino software providers. The goal of the company was to create an online casino software provider that had the potential to challenge the leading online casino sites. As it happens, ezugi also shares a lot in common with its chief competition; hence the live dealer games section. The aim of the software is to give players the feel of actually playing in a live casino environment, by providing them with everything they need to simulate their favorite casino experience. In this review we take a closer look at the live dealer games section.

Interface Review

The first thing you will notice when you log onto ezugi’s website is that the interface is very similar to that of other online casino games. This includes a selection of classic games, such as blackjack, baccarat, poker and craps. As well as these classic games, the site provides a host of innovative and engaging games, many of which you will likely have never tried before. One of the most impressive things about ezugi is the way it manages to mix the simulation elements with elements which make the game even more exciting. For example, one of the latest additions to the live dealer games section is the “probation”, which has players receiving random results before starting their hand.

Our Conclusion

We concluded our look at ezugi by looking at one of the features on offer, the “special offers” section. Here you can find promotions and bonus entries for not only the ezugi live dealers but also for other online casinos. While not directly related to the live games, this section nevertheless provides another interesting way in which ezugi can be used.

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