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India has thousands if not millions of casino players and sports punters who frequent online casinos and sportsbooks every single day. For most of these players and punters, their go-to online casino and sportsbook is Fun88 India – India’s biggest and most trusted online casino.

Fun88 India as players can probably tell at this point operates as both an online casino and an online sportsbook. This in essence means this gambling establishment accommodates both casino players as well as sports punters. For both casino players and sports punters, there is a wide array of gaming products that they can engage in. in this article, we are going to take time in exploring real money casino games offered at Fun88 India as well as the game modes that players can enjoy the gaming products in.

Gaming Options on Offer

Online Slots

Online slots are a fan favourite of many not just in India but across the world in different countries and regions. When it comes to Indian players, the popularity of slots largely stems from two main reasons. On one hand, the simplicity of slots makes them appealing. Owing to simple gameplay rules and instructions, all types of players including beginner players with little to zero gaming experience can enjoy slots. The simplicity of slots therefore makes most casino beginners at Fun88 India to settle for slots. The second reason why slots are very much popular in India stems from the fact that slots come in different shapes and forms – this largely necessitated by the different themes employed when designing slots as well as different slot types talk of classic slots and modern slots.


Keno is one of the very few games that have managed to stand the hands of time. First enjoyed many centuries back by soldiers in war, the game of Keno over the years has drastically changed and improved. The changes have all been positive something which has greatly made the game appealing to different types of players. The highest proportions of players who enjoy Keno however are players who love complexity when it comes to gaming and betting. Involving a lot of complex betting strategies, only those players patient enough and determined enough to learn all the strategies can go all the way when it comes to Keno. The beauty of going all the way when it comes to Keno is that the rewards are big for those who manage to excel during the gaming session.

Table and Card Games

Fun88 India just like any other online casino does offer some table and card games. All of the traditional casino games that players may think of are available here. These include online poker, rummy, craps, blackjack and baccarat among many others. The wide selection of casino games offered in the table and card games category are all skill based games. This is quite a great thing to players as it means players can simply impart themselves with the necessary and requisite gaming skills and set themselves on a path to gaming glory and success.

Sports Betting and E-Sports Betting

Fun88 India does not just cater to the needs of casino players but it also does cater to the needs of sports punters. It’s against this background that Fun88 India established a partnership with English Premiership side Newcastle United to solidify and increase its sports’ reach to billions of people across the world. At the present moment, the major focus of Fun88 India on the sports betting front is on three products. Namely, these are fantasy cricket, cricket sports betting and e-sports. This, therefore, means that players who favour these three products will find Fun88 India to be a great proposition.

Game Modes Offered at Fun88 India

At this point, we are all cognizant of the betting products that are offered at Fun88 India. To expand our knowledge base about this online casino and sportsbook, players ought to note that all of the games offered can be enjoyed in two different game modes. These modes are the free play mode as well as the real money mode. Below, we are going to explain in detail what these modes entail.

Free Spins Mode

The first mode that we are going to talk about is the free play mode. The reason why we decided to focus on this mode first is that it is this mode which we advise all players to go for at first before they opt for the real money mode. When players choose to play games in the free play mode, they will be playing games for free. This necessitated by the fact that they will be awarded free playing credits or free spins by the game developer. With these free playing credits or free spins, players will learn more about the gameplay rules, playing tips as well as winning strategy without necessarily risking their own cash. Only when players have mastered the gameplay rules, playing tips and winning strategy can they proceed to play games in the real money mode.

Real Money Casino Games Mode

The real money mode is the mode that players play after they wager real money. It’s advisable to settle for this mode only after players have played the free play mode first. The beauty of playing in the real money mode is that players will stand a chance of winning real cash whenever they land some wins during gameplay.

As we conclude, we would just like to remind players that Fun88 India is one of the biggest and most popular online casinos and sportsbooks in India for a reason. This stemming from the fact that Fun88 India accommodates both casino players and sports punters, offers a wide array of betting options, and offers ultra fast deposits as well as withdrawals.

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