Microgaming - A Review of Microgaming In India

Microgaming review india

Microgaming, an award winning game company, is among the leading pioneers of this new internet-based gambling world. One of India’s leading online casino providers, Microgaming is available in India through partners such as Fun88 India. Microgaming is pioneering many exciting features that are changing the face of traditional gambling. As one of the fastest growing companies in the field of online casino in India and card games, Microgaming prides itself on innovation. This company is at the forefront of many upcoming trends in online gambling.

Microgaming’s latest addition to its range of online casinos is its mobile casino. The Microgaming mobile casinos are an innovative feature which is revolutionizing the way people gamble in India. Offering players the ultimate in convenience, these casinos are a boon for those who want to enjoy their favorite gambling games on the go. They are easy to access from just about anywhere and can be played from any location with an Internet connection. These casinos are operated over prepaid credit cards, which are safe from any card frauds that are prevalent in conventional brick and mortar casinos.

Microgaming Game Variety

Microgaming‘s latest addition to its range of live casino games is the table games. The table games include Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Keno, Baccarat, Sic Bo, and Poker. Microgaming’s Craps game is an excellent choice for slot players because it offers excellent payouts. The table games offered by the casino are also user friendly and convenient for players. The slots are the top attractions in the casino and have separate check out desks. All other games including the card games and poker are found in a single location, which is clean and well lit.

Microgaming has partnered with leading online gaming software providers to offer the best slots and table games to its players. Microgaming has introduced a progressive jackpot feature which awards bonus money to the winning player in each game. This progressive feature in the casino games attracts more players to Microgaming, thus encouraging more people to play in the site.

Microgaming India Promotions

Microgaming provides numerous promotional gifts and promotions to its players along with the games. The company has an extensive selection of gift items such as magnetic coins and credit moneys. These items are provided when a new player is entered in the site. Other promotions are provided when various events are held such as community contests and sales. A generous customer promotion program is another service offered by Microgaming.

One of the best features of Microgaming is its promotion services. To attract more visitors to the site, it organizes various promotional events such as tournaments and contests. Microgaming has an extensive list of tournament winners, which are named after different Microgaming promotional awards. At these events, the players compete to win an engraved Microgaming logo necklace, golden Microgaming dice, free spins on the slot machines, or other such gifts. The winning player gets the engraved necklace or dice.

Microgaming Tournaments

The major tournament at Microgaming includes the Max Bid All Time, Max Bet Tournament, and Max Placement Tournament. Each of these tournaments offers players the opportunity to win exciting prizes such as golden Microgaming coins, gift vouchers, free spins on slot machines, or other incentives. In the Max Bid All Time tournament, the highest bidder gets an engraved Microgaming checkbook. The highest bidder of the Max Placement Tournament can win a trip to Las Vegas.

In Summary

Microgaming casinos are popular because of their promotions. They offer players the chance to win real money. Microgaming casinos allow its players to play against other like players from all over the world. Microgaming casinos also provide its players with excellent casino promotions that include promotions of progressive jackpots and bonus features. In the end, players can play casino games for real money at Microgaming casinos.

Microgaming: Carnaval Jackpot Slot Game Review

Software developers love to mix things around when developing online slot machines. Sometimes, the games they develop do come with some cryptic titles which require one to analyze deeply before deciphering what the game is potentially about. However, in some instances, software developers simply come up with slot machines that come with simple and straightforward titles – just by looking at the titles, one can conclude what the game is all about when it comes to the game theme and plot. One such slot that comes with a simple and straightforward title is the Microgaming powered Carnaval Jackpot.  

The title of this slot machine does reveal two things in particular. First, the game has something to do with a carnival/festival hence the word ‘Carnaval’. Indeed, this slot comes with a fun festive theme hence it’s a great proposition to all players fond of fun-filled games. Second, the reference to ‘Jackpot’ in the title points to the fact that the game comes with a jackpot. Indeed, there is a jackpot that players stand to hit when spinning the five reels of this slot machine that come with 9 paylines. There are more things to learn however when it comes to the game theme, plot as well as other game features hence all those looking to learn about these simply need to continue reading this review. 

Game Modes 

To start one’s adventure playing the fun-filled Carnaval Jackpot online slot, players ought to know that they are presented with two options. These options coming in the form of game modes. The game modes namely are the demo mode and the real money mode.  

When it comes to the demo mode, players ought to know that this mode can be equated to the real money mode. What this simply entails that when players choose to play in the demo mode, they will basically be playing a practice session. To practice Carnaval Jackpot slot, players do not need to wager any of their funds. Rather, they receive free courtesy from the game developer which they use in spinning the reels. Playing in the demo mode is great as it means that players get the opportunity to learn more about gameplay rules and instructions, playing tricks as well as winning strategy free of charge.  

The second mode that players can play the game in is the real money mode. It’s advisable to settle for this mode only once players have mastered gameplay rules and instructions via the demo mode. In the real money mode, players can only start their gaming session once they wager their own real cash. The minimum required on this front is 0.27 coins per spin, the max bet is set at 54.00 coins per spin. 

Game Symbols 

The action when playing Carnaval Jackpot online slot game is made all worthwhile thanks to the numerous symbols encountered on the reels. It is these symbols that help the player scoop some excellent payouts when three or more identical icons are landed on the same payline. At the same time, it is these symbols that play a part in triggering the bonus features including the chance to hit the jackpot! The exact symbols encountered during a session are as follows: 

  • Wild: The colourful artifact inscribed WILD does possess wild powers when spinning the five reels of this slot machine. As the substituting symbol, the wild does substitute for all symbols with the exception of the scatter. Players ought to know that they can only spot the wild on the middle reels as the wild lands only on reels 2, 3 and 4. 
  • Scatter: The slot’s scatter is represented by the icon inscribed SCATTER.
  • Standard game symbols: High-value and low-value standard symbols encountered during a gaming session include the beautiful lady icon, a human character putting on a white face mask, a colourful flag, a trumpet and some royal symbols.

Bonus Features 

Jackpot Respin: Three or more of the scatter icons landing on the reels at the same time help the player trigger the Jackpot Respin. When the feature activates, the player receives a respin. During the respin, only scatter icons and empty positions land on the reels. All triggering scatters as well as subsequent scatters landing on the reels turn sticky and remain in their positions till the end of the round. Landing scatters during the respin help the player trigger another respin – this cycle continues for as long as more scatters keep landing on the reels or when all positions are filled by scatters. At the end of the feature, the number of scatters on the reels determines the jackpot prize the player gets to win. The jackpot prizes are awarded in the following fashion: 

  • 6 scatters award a 10x multiplier
  • 7 scatters award a 12x multiplier
  • 8 scatters award a 14x multiplier
  • 9 scatters award an 18x multiplier
  • 10 scatters award a 24x multiplier
  • 11 scatters award a 32x multiplier
  • 12 scatters award a 48x multiplier
  • 13 scatters award an 80x multiplier
  • 14 scatters award a 400x multiplier
  • 15 scatters award a 4000x multiplier 

Mobile Play 

Do you happen to be on the go or you are just watching your kid play at the local playground, worry not about accessing Carnaval Jackpot slot as Microgaming made this slot mobile compatible. This, therefore, means players can access the game wherever they are via their mobile devices be it on tablets or smartphones. 

Round Up 

Carnaval Jackpot comes with a great and fun theme which takes players on a virtual trip to an entertaining carnival. As life at a carnival is all too simple, Microgaming made sure that gameplay playing Carnaval Jackpot is also too simple. This can be seen by the presence of just one solitary bonus round. By restricting majority of the action in the base game, Microgaming made this slot a great proposition to all types of players from the pro players to the beginner players with little to zero gaming experience.

Microgaming: Emperor of The Sea Slot Game Review

There’s a world where serenity is in love with a deep blue ocean and vibrant-looking sky. There’s a place where the music seems as peaceful as floating clouds. Let’s visit that world together and let the sea bless you with a world full of riches! This tale is about the Emperor of the Sea slot game from Microgaming, allowing you to truly immerse into the essence of Chinese culture with fearsome dragons and beautiful koi fishes. 

Depicting a serene Asian theme of the ocean, the Emperor of the Sea will nourish your gambling voyage with a 5×4 grid reel set comprising an opportunity to go with anyone from 38, 68, or 88 paylines. The game allows you to continue slot machine love, playing through a 96% RTP ratio and medium volatility level so that your winning fortune gets the highest possible rewards, keeping the probability of winning and losing at a 50 – 50 proportion. 

Are you interested to know about special features? There are stacked wild, growing wilds, cascading reels, free spins, and more to help you earn a maximum win of 412,500.00.

Graphics and Symbols

Just opening the gaming screen will initiate good times for you. Be it the splendorous union of the ocean and sky in the background, be it the floating of white cottony clouds, the game starts with a strong note of optimism, claiming your 100% attention towards it. And, the relaxing traditional Chinese background score adds some more feathers of excellence to it. 

  • Wild – The Emperor of the Sea logo represents a wild symbol. This wild is stacked in both free spins and base level game and can bring you joyful wins, replacing other gaming symbols but scatters. On coming in sight five times in a spin, wild symbols can bring you 26.25 coins. 
  • Scatter – The traditional golden-colored Chinese hat is gaming scatter competent to endow players with 440.00 coins when 5 of them arrive at the screen at once. When it comes to the scatter win, it will multiply by the amount you have wagered on the bet. Scatter wins are subjects to be added by payline wins. And, paying from any position is the extraordinary power of scatters.  
  • Other Symbols – Very apposite to the theme, other symbols like dragon, pot with coins, feng shui turtle, koi fishes representing yin yang, ship, A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 may come in any outcome for five times to offer 25.00, 17.50, 16.25, 11.25, 10.00, 7.50, 6.25, 5.50, 5.00, 4.5, and 4.50 coins, respectively. 

Game Features

Free Spins

Every time 3 or more scatter symbols appear on spin outcomes, the game will bring 8 free spins for you. 

Rolling Reels and Growling Wilds 

When it is active, Rolling Reels and Growling Wilds feature offer successive wins. Every spin you receive, the wild stacks increase by 1 to make it grow up to 15. 

How to Play Emperor of the Sea Slot?

  • Know the Game – Wagering on the game without being informed about the gaming rules and worth of special symbols would never be a wise decision. Therefore, open up the paytable using a demo version and check the paylines and symbol values.
  • Identify the Volatility – Playing a few rounds with a free demo version slot is yet another excellent way to identify the frequency the game brings for winning combinations. 
  • Wager according to your Bankroll – Emperor of the Sea slot can be played with 38, 68, and 88 active paylines. The amount you would put on stake also depends on how many winning lines you will be playing with. Like, wagering with 0.38 means playing with 38 active paylines, while betting maximum (220.00) will activate all 88 of them. If you are playing with a limited bankroll, you can choose to play with 38 or 68 active paylines. However, reaching the top jackpot is only possible when all 88 paylines are active. 
  • Winning and Losing Limit is Must – To avoid wagering more than you can afford, select two specific limits before making the first real-money spin. One should be for how much loss you can afford, and another should be the winnings you want from a session.  Continue your session but quit playing when those limits are touched.

Emperor of the Sea Slot Information

Software: Microgaming
Paylines: 38, 68, 88
Wild Symbol: Emperor of the Sea
Scatter Symbol: Golden colored Traditional Chinese Hat
Min / Max Bet: 0.38 / 220.00
Bonus Round: Rolling Reels and Growling Wilds
Free Spins: Yes
Jackpot Feature: No
RTP: 96%


  1. Do I need to register on a casino platform to play the demo version of it?
    Not really, there’s no need to register in a casino for playing the demo version. But to wager real money, you need to create an account in an online casino. 
  1. Is the Emperor of the Sea slot available on mobile phones?
    Yes, the slot is very playable through smartphones powered by popular mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.
  1. What is the house edge of this title?
    The slot comprises a good-looking house edge of 4% to 3%. Meaning, the platform provider is eligible to have only 3 to 4 percent of the total wagered amount. 
  1. Does this slot title offer any jackpot feature?
    No, sticking to straightforward gameplay, the Emperor of the Sea avoids incorporating any jackpot feature in it. 

Concluding Lines

Emperor of the Sea is a slot game from Microgaming’s pocket, and whenever the name of this top-notch iGaming developer comes in regard, players expect nothing but excellence. Hence, in this title as well, nothing differs. Emperor of the Sea will wrap your gaming sessions with enough free spins, and the Rolling Reels and Growling Wilds feature is quite lucrative as well. The vividly detailed graphics have minutely captured the resonance of the Asian theme, featuring paper theatre-like visuals and symbols like dragon, koi fishes, and feng shui turtle. Moreover, it’s nothing but an all-inclusive slot machine package to anyone with the taste buds for excellence.

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