NetEnt: Reel Rush Slot Game Review (2021)

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How would you feel when you hear that you could be awarded powers to turn back the hands of time? For many, this sounds just like something they aspire for every single day. Well, if you are one such person, then you will definitely love the Net Entertainment (NetEnt) powered Reel Rush online slot game. When spinning the five reels of Reel Rush slot, players are teleported back to the days when the very first slot machines were manufactured. Once there, players get to spin the reels of a classic fruit slot. This however, is like no other classic fruit game as it does fuse elements of classic games with those of modern slots – in essence, we can conclude that Reel Rush is a hybrid slot game.  

Reel Rush slot is a fantastic 5-reels video slot developed in 2013 by NetEnt. Furthermore, it is a popular slot in India and across the world. The game is, of course, popular for a number of reasons. When playing this game, you will enjoy an impressive RTP, a free spins feature, and multiple ways to win. Still, the game is easy to play and comes in handy with HD graphics. In this review, you will get to know about volatility, betting limits, graphics, themes, and many more aspects of the game. That way, you will know whether the Reel Rush slot is worth your time.

Most slot machines are associated with 3 reels but that’s not the case with this slot. The game comes with 5 reels but the reels are unique coming in a 1-3-5-3-1 design. During gameplay, the 1st, 2nd, 4 th and 5th reels may however expand to reach the 5-symbol height just like the 3rd reel! To open up the game board, players simply need to land winning lines – the more win lines landed, the more the numbers of locked positions are unlocked. The beauty of unlocking the locked reel positions is that the numbers of ways to win also increase. Once all positions have been unlocked, the number of ways to win will stand at a staggering 3,125 ways!  

Game Modes 

Everything about this online slot game is top notch from the game graphics, sound effects to the overall gameplay experience. However, what players ought to know is that when looking to start a gaming session, they are presented with two options. These options are as follows: 

The first option presented to the player when looking to play Reel Rush is the demo mode. When players opt for this mode, they will receive some free credits courtesy of the game developer. With the free credits, players can proceed to start spinning the reels for free in the process learning more about gameplay rules, instructions, playing tricks and winning strategy without risking their own funds. Only when players master the gameplay rules and instructions (advisable) can players proceed to opt for the second option.   

The second option is the real money mode. When players opt for the real money mode, players are required to wager with their own funds. On this front, players ought to know that the minimum they can wager with is 0.50 coins per spin. The max bet is set at 100.00 coins per spin. By just taking a look at the supported betting options for Reel Rush slot in the real money mode, players can see that the game is perfect for all types of players from the ,low rollers, mid-range players to the high rollers. 

Reel Rush Slot Symbols and Winning Combinations

Reel Rush slot has 5 reels and 3125 ways to win. These paylines have a variety of symbols, and your job is to at least land on a combination of three symbols. Then, the highest paying symbols in this game are lemon, pineapple, Strawberry, and Watermelon. If you land, for example, on three symbols of Watermelon, you will win x10. Landing on more symbols means you will win Big. To this end, you should aim at landing on four and five symbols. On the other hand, the lowest paying symbols include grapes and plum. It is also good to bear in mind that any winning combination can unlock the 8 free spins feature. If you use re-spin free spins to unlock the 8 free spins feature, however, the number of ways to win will increase up to 1875.

Reel Rush Slot Theme

NetEnt is ahead of the game when it comes to providing games that meet the needs of different players. If you love slots with fruits theme, this is probably the best game you should give a try. You will, in fact, find fruit symbols such as lemon, strawberry, pineapple, Watermelon, and others. The game is also inspired by traditional classic computer games, but NetEnt has twisted it to have a modern touch. Well, we can assure you that the thematic creativity in this game is at another level.

Return To Player (RTP)

Undoubtedly, RTP is the first thing you should consider before playing any slot game. In a nutshell, it refers to the money that the casino will pay you after winning. If the return to player percentage of a slot is high, then you will win big. It offers an impressive 1875 paylines and a standard 5 reels structure. Reel Rush Slot comes with a fruit-inspired theme which gives it a colourful but straightforward gaming screen. Since its inception in 2013, Reel Rush has been among casino enthusiasts’ top pick, hence releasing the Reel Rush 2 slot game. You can play this slot game in any NetEnt Casino and enjoy a whooping RTP of 97% above the industry’s average RTP rate. Here is a case scenario for 100 simulations for an online slot game with an RTP of 97%. The vice versa is true. That said, the RTP for the Reel Rush slot in most casinos in India is 97%. So, if you wager, for instance, $100, you could win $97. Well, this is a good RTP, considering that some slots have an RTP of 90%.


The above chart shows that a player will make profits in the long run when playing slot games with an RTP of 97% or above. This slot review will highlight the game features, gameplay, bonus features and offer final thoughts about the whole game.  


Volatility is another thing you should consider before playing any slot. Specifically, volatility will help you know the risks of playing a certain slot. To be more precise, it will help you know how often you will win and how big is the win. The volatility for the Reel Rush slot is low to medium. As a result, you will get small wins as well as big wins. The risks in this game are not high and therefore it is worth giving it a shot.

Graphics and Animation

NetEnt is well known for developing slots with modern looks. Reel Rush is no exception and comes in handy with outstanding HD graphics. The animation is also perfect, and the colors are fashionable. Every feature of the game is visually flawless and will give you an unforgettable experience.

Music and Sounds

Playing slots is not all about winning money. It is also about getting entertainment. In fact, there are those players who only play for fun. NetEnt has created the Reel Rush slot in a way that you will enjoy funky music and sound effects. The music will play especially after winning big or after getting a free spin. When you combine the excitement with the music, the experience will definitely be at another level.

Reel Rush Slot Betting Limits

Reel Rush slot is a game for both low rollers and high rollers. If you are a low roller, you can place a bet of as little as $0.5. This is the minimum bet. On the other hand, if you are a high roller, you can place as high as $100. This is the maximum bet that you can place in most casinos in India. With this in place, all players have equal chances of winning. However, it is good to note that you have more chances of winning bigger rewards if you stake high. For example, if you wager $100, you have a chance to win the maximum amount, which is $96,000.

Free Spins Feature

This game gives you chances of winning more rewards without spending your real money. Precisely, the game has a free spin feature where you can unlock up to 8 free spins. Every time you land on a winning combination, you will get one re-spin. If you land on another winning combination during re-spin, another free re-spin will be added to your account. This could happen up to five times. After that, you will unlock the 8 free spins feature. You should, however, note that the number of ways to win will increase up to 1875 during re-spin.

Mobile Compatibility

Your wish is indeed to enjoy real money slots on the go. To this end, NetEnt has optimized the Reel Rush slot to work on a variety of mobile devices. You can either play it on iOS or Android devices. In addition to that, the game works perfectly on smaller screens. All the features, including HD graphics, free spins feature, sounds and music, are available on mobile. In general, the experience is similar to the desktop version.

Reel Rush Demo Version

If you are a newbie aspiring to play the Reel Rush slot, we have got good news for you. The game is available in the demo version. Therefore, you can first play it in this version and gain some skills. Online casinos in India that are offering this game will give you this chance. Thereafter, you can top up your account and play for real money.

Game Symbols 

Coming across as a fruit themed slot game, players ought to know that the all important symbols encountered during gameplay are mostly fruit symbols. These are as follows: 

  • Wild: A brown portrait inscribed WILD possesses wild powers when playing this slot. The wild in this game appears on all reels with the exception of reel 1. Wilds do substitute for all symbols.  
  • Scatter: Reel Rush slot machine does not come with any scatter symbol.
  • Standard game symbols: The standard symbols which players get to encounter during their gaming session include strawberries, pineapples, oranges, melons, grapes, plums, and different coloured sweets. 

Bonus Features 

  • Re-Spins Feature: During base game play, when the player lands a winning combination, the Re-Spins Feature automatically triggers. When it activates, one re-spin is awarded. During the re-spin, if the player lands another winning combination, another re-spin is retriggered. Re-spins can be retriggered up to 5 times.

Each re-spin increases the number of paylines up to 1875 ways: with the 5th re-spin awarding 8 free spins. A fixed jackpot of 1000 coins is awarded when a player lands 5 Strawberry symbols on an active payline.

  • Players ought to know that with each re-spin, the number of ways to win in the game increases. They increase in the following fashion: 
  • 1st Re-spin: Slot has 135 ways to win 
  • 2nd Re-spin: Slot has 405 ways to win
  • 3rd Re-spin: Slot has 675 ways to win 
  • 4th Re-spin: Slot has 1125 ways to win
  • 5th Re-spin: Slot has 1875 ways to win 
  • Free Spins Feature: The Free Spins Feature is triggered if the player manages to land a winning combination during the fifth re-spin in the Re-Spins Feature. When activated, the player is awarded 8 free spins. The number of ways to win increase up to 3,125 during this feature.  

Mobile Play 

Reel Rush is an online slot that players can enjoy across several platforms. In the comfort of one’s own home, players can simply choose to enjoy the game via the desktop. However, when out and about, players can also enjoy this slot via their mobile devices be it tablets or smartphones. This necessitated by the fact that Reel Rush slot is optimized for mobile play. 

Round Up 

Reel Rush is one of those slots that somehow manages to appeal to different types of players. Coming as a hybrid slot, all players from those who favour classic games to those who are more inclined towards the modern slots can all enjoy this game. Restricting much of the game action to base game play, this slot machine appeals to beginner players with little to zero gaming experience in as much as it appeals to the pro players. At the same time, coming in two game modes, this slot appeals to players looking for a fun adventure only as well as those looking to maximize some profits during gameplay. Even more impressive is the fact that this slot game supports a wide range of betting options meaning all types of players from the low rollers, mid-range players to the high rollers can enjoy this slot.

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