Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket betting tips


The Indian Premier League is one of the most anticipated cricket tournaments for fans in India and internationally. What’s better is that betting on cricket has gotten better in the internet age with lots of sites offering competitive odds in the market. You can bet as long as you have a smart phone with internet access. Before cricket betting online, you should have some basic knowledge on cricket. This article shares some tips that can improve your cricket betting experience  

How to start online cricket betting

Cricket betting is a rewarding venture if you do it right. First, you should find a legit site which has secure payment options. Thereafter, you will register an account and make your first deposit before searching for the best cricket betting markets. Finally, place your bet and wait for the outcome. The following factors should be checked before you begin betting on any site or mobile app

  • Safety and security- find out if your money and information is protected on the site you are using. This can be determined by checking the site’s license and reading reviews by other gamblers
  • Types of bets available on the cricket betting site or app and whether you can play on the go while tournaments are live
  • Betting bonuses and promotions- bonuses and promotions help you to play more and win more. Check whether there is a sign up bonus, ongoing promotions and the wagering requirements needed to claim the offer
  • Banking options- before transacting, ensure that the available banking option e.g. e-wallets, prepaid cards or bank transfers are in India. Also research if you’ll have to pay any additional fees to transact and when to withdraw your winnings
  • Customer support- a customer service team that is swift to handle your problems as you bet is one of the things to look for before betting. If the site you have chosen has a 24 hour support system every day, you won’t curse out each time you encounter a problem

Tips to consider before cricket betting

Cricket betting is a legit avenue to earn you money if you bet on the regular. Like any other sports betting, you must strategies before placing your bet. Here are some of the cricket betting tips to make your betting successful

Know the weather conditions before betting

Cricket is one of the games where the weather affects the outcome of the game. check out if its rainy, too dry or foggy since all these weather changes impact the game negatively

  • The ground appearance and type 
    The pitch where the cricket game shall be played determines the type of odds you will find on a cricket betting site. Some pitches are quite slow to play on while others are better for bowlers to swing the ball. It is important that you also research the history of the pitch and the nature of games that happen there to make better predictions
  • Research about the team 
    Before choosing a team to place a bet on, look out for information about their players and performance. If they have a steady performance in various tournaments that is a stable team with higher stakes at winning
  • Follow expert analysis on Tv or any other legit platforms
    There are plenty of cricket tipsters online who discuss cricket games, offer the best odds and tips on cricket betting. Be sure to pick the legit ones and filter through the kind of advise they give. 
  • Play on reputable sites and apps
    You need to do cricket betting on reputable sites licensed to provide gambling. While betting is a risk, you don’t want to lose your money on sites that will mine your data for other purposes or sink under without giving any value for your money
  • Compare cricket betting odds from different platforms
    Different providers give you different odds on cricket betting. Do check and compare the odds and other bonus offers before choosing a bookmarker to play on 


Choosing a great team and an even greater betting site are among the cricket betting tips that make your betting impressive. The next time you want to bet on cricket, you can be sure of good returns based on the knowledge you have now. So, watch t=cricket games, enjoy and bet to win.

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