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Money is that of the very few things that all people aspire to have during their lifetime. Some are fortunate to have money throughout their entire life while others, well, we should just say they are not so lucky. If you are eager to be one of the folks who fall into the former group that is, the privileged ones who are fortunate to have some cash, then there are several ways that you can look for money. One of these is through playing the Sikkim Lottery.

What is Sikkim lottery?

The Sikkim Lottery is a state lottery. What we mean by this is that the Sikkim Lottery is run by the government of Sikkim. The lottery has been running since 1978. What this tells us from the word go is the fact that there is nothing to fear when it comes to playing the Sikkim Lottery in regards to issues such as safety, security, cheats and frauds. Everything about this lottery is above board and the game itself is completely safe to play.

The Sikkim Lottery is just like any other lottery players may think of. The general objective when playing this game is to make some predictions about the numbers that are likely to be picked during the draw. Note that we stated ‘general objective’ – this is necessitated by the fact that the Sikkim Government tends to replace Sikkim lotteries each year so as to keep players engaged. Of course, if the government ran the same lottery year in year out, players at some point would become bored and the game itself, lose the good reputation that it has worked so hard for since 1978.   

How to Play Sikkim Lottery

First things first, there are two things that we want to highlight before we start explaining how one can start playing the Sikkim Lottery. First, the Sikkim Lottery hence it can only be played by residents of Sikkim. Anyone who lives within the Sikkim borders can play the lottery but once one venture outside the borders of Sikkim, then it becomes impossible to play the lottery.

Second, it’s advisable for players looking to play the lottery to purchase their lottery tickets from licensed vendors. There have been numerous complaints over the years of people buying fake Sikkim lottery tickets hence caution is needed when purchasing the tickets. Owing to the prevalence of fake Sikkim Lottery tickets, buying the lottery tickets online is also not advisable – the only exception however is if one proceeds to buy from a site that’s highly recommended and is renowned for being a legit and genuine website.

Moving on to the crux of the matter, when looking to play Sikkim Lottery, the very first thing that players need to do is to purchase their lottery tickets. Once a player purchases the lottery ticket, the next thing is to make his predictions. Once the player picks his likely winning numbers, then the next step is to submit his ticket in order to be entered into the draw. Once the draw date/time comes, the player will have to wait to see the outcome of the draw and if any   or all of his predictions align with the results from the draw, then the player will be a winner.

The Lottery Prize Pool

Sikkim Lottery uses the pool format. What this therefore means is that for each and every game, there is a base seed jackpot that players know is the minimum they will win if they get all predictions correct. However, as the lottery uses the pool format, the actual jackpot prize is only known once all tickets have been bought and the number of participating players is known.   

How to Claim the Lottery Winnings

Players who win 10,000 rupees and below have it easy when it comes to claiming their winnings. All they need to do is to visit a reseller with the winning ticket and they will be awarded their prize. Things get a little tougher when a player wins a jackpot prize above 10,000 rupees. When this happens, the player is required to fill the claim form and an affidavit and send it to the Sikkim State Lotteries headquarters. The claim form is available for download on the Sikkim Lottery official site. Once players have sent the claim form and affidavit, Sikkim Lottery will verify the identity of the player and the winnings are forwarded to the provided bank account.  

Round Up The Sikkim Lottery is quite a great lottery game to play for all folks based in the State of Sikkim. The jackpot prizes offered aren’t as big as other jackpot prizes from other lottery but the mere fact that the lottery is a state lottery whose proceeds are meant to benefit the greater Sikkim state is a good enough reason for all Sikkim folks to play this lottery.

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