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India is a well-known country for its technological advancements and how well it embraces new technology. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the online gambling industry here is rapidly growing. Arguably, doing things online is more flexible and convenient. That’s why more gamblers are shifting from brick-and-mortar casinos to their online counterparts.

Interestingly, online gaming is gaining momentum in this state as Indians like it mobile. Besides, the internet infrastructure across the country is getting better. This makes it easier for residents, including middle-class people, to access online casinos cheaply. Overall, India is a prominent gaming market whose future is undeniably bright.

Can we play online casino in India? In India, gambling is a state-level governance activity. Therefore, the right to engage in various gaming or betting activities depends on the state you are in. The legality of internet gaming in India is quite unclear. This uncertainty is brought about by the difference in the regulations put in place by the state and the central governments.

This lack of assimilation gave rise to some loopholes that allow internet gaming through organizations outside India. Overall, online gambling is legal in most Indian states. However, states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana have fully prohibited the activity. Therefore, casino operators do not offer any gambling services here. Also, for the states that permit online gambling, it may not be fully regulated.

However, even if you reside in a state where online gambling is prohibited, you can still access these services. There is an extensive list of offshore operators who accept players from India. Besides, some sites allow you to use rupees as your preferred currency. A full spectrum of bonuses and promotions will also be available. Therefore, this shouldn’t bar you from having fun.

Government regulations on online gambling in India

As mentioned before, gambling in India is a state thing. Therefore, government regulations may vary from one state to another. Even for the few that regulate the activity, it is not to the extreme.

Also, it is hard to find any online casino in India with an Indian government license. This is because Indian authorities don’t issue online gaming licenses. This basically means that no online gambling site exists legally in India. That’s why the country’s gambling legality is complicated.

However, three states – Doman, Goa, and Sikkim stand out from the crowd. Government authorities in these states issue gaming licenses to location-based casinos. Regardless of this permit, only a few casinos exist there. Some of them include:

–          Casino Deltin Royale

–          Casino Pride 2

The main reason for the low acceptance rate is the high taxes imposed on all winnings. 30% is considerably high, making it hard for casinos to set foot in the Indian market permanently.

Gambling laws in India

Since gambling laws are enforced independently, every state has its own rules of governance. However, some federal laws apply to all. These laws were enacted before the advent of online gaming. They mostly address gambling activities in physical locations. As such, it is not quite settled if these laws apply to the online medium or not. Some of these enactments include:

The public gaming act 1867

This is a colonial regulation that bans all betting and gambling activities, in exemption of horse racing. It is 150+ years old, making the matter of internet gaming under this law ambiguous. Notably, the act prohibited all physical gambling places, making online gaming debatable.

Prize competition act 1995

This act is pitched towards lottery, and like the public gaming act, it clearly doesn’t illegalize online gambling. It only debates about various prize competitions and their respective rewards.

Payment and settlement act 2007

This act permits the Reserve Bank of India to make policies affecting payment processing. Notably, the act intended to curb money laundering and tax evasion by casino operators. In general, India is still adopting the concept of online gambling. While it isn’t clearly legal, it is not illegal either.

All games of chance, be it sports games or casino games, are prohibited in India. However, the laws do not give quite a good explanation of what games of skill are. Therefore, it may be hard to differentiate them. Generally, in India, you can only play for real money if the game relies on skill rather than luck.

History and origin

The gambling industry in India has undergone numerous changes since the first inception in the country. It has been thriving even before written history and up to modern times when we can play or bet on handheld gadgets. Gambling has a long history in India, and the country nurtures it in various forms. Let’s see where and how it all began.

India’s long gambling history can be traced back to 300BC, where they used to play using nuts. This was a dice game of the time. Also, Indians were fond of gambling on animals in sports like ram and cockfighting. Later, horse racing events were introduced.

In the 15th century, Indians built legal gambling houses. The latter were regulated to ensure that all games were fair. This made it easier for players to give their dues to the king willingly. This is where gambling taxation began in India.

In the 18th century, the British introduced cricket sports in India. Citizens here fell in love with the game, paving the way for other sports games like tennis and soccer. Since casino games were already in the market, India’s gambling industry flourished.

However, the government had to put some regulations. Their perception was that gambling lured their people to spend more than they should, which ruined their lives and families. While some people want gambling to be fully legal, others don’t. This led to the creation of legislative councils for each state in the country. Therefore, each state can decide whether to permit gambling within their state-lines or not. That’s why the country’s stand on gambling is still unclear.

Variety of games available

The number of casino and sports games available in India is uncountable. Some oversea casino operators permit Indian residents to play on their sites. This makes the variety of games even wider. Besides, whether you love online casino games or sports matches, everything is sorted out. Popular game categories in the market include:

Online casino games

Casino games offer an authentic feeling whenever games are in play, not to mention the adrenal boost. If this is the kind of feeling you fancy, plenty of games are available for that. You can try your luck in:

1.  Slots – these games get the most preference from players all over the globe. Their vibrant, colorful, and intriguing features make them stand out in the market. Besides, their developers incorporate different lovely themes to capture player’s attention. These games are available in India.

2.  Table games – for a simple, fun, and interesting gaming experience, you might want to try out table games. They tend to be the oldest in the casino world, but their authentic nature never ceases. Excitingly, most of them are available for Indians. Such games include roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, among others.

3.  Card games – you can also try your luck in card games like video poker, all perfectly fit for both beginners and experienced players.

If you prefer going local, titles like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar will always be available. Moreover, the popular title Indian Rummy will always be waiting. However, it is quite hard to find this game on offshore gambling sites.

Sports games

The most popular sport game associated with gambling in India is cricket. With its history dating back to the 18th century, this game is part of India’s identity. Betting on this game heightens during international tournaments like the Cricket World Cup or matches against regional neighbors. However, you might want to place cricket bets on offshore sites to avoid prosecution.

How to find the best online gambling site in India

While online gambling in India is fun and exciting, finding the best site to play may be stressful. There are plenty of websites available, some of them from offshore operators. Therefore, you’ll never run out of options. However, not all casinos deliver what they promise. In fact, some may be scammers with intentions to steal your personal or bank details.

Therefore, you should be careful when choosing where to play. Here are some consideration factors to keep in mind:

1.  License and regulation

Before registering at any gambling site, ensure that the operator holds a license from a recognized regulatory body. This will avoid possible fraud, theft, or scams.

2.  Safety and security

Besides licensing, you need to be certain that personal and financial data are always safe. Usually, a casino site achieves this through sophisticated security measures like SSL encryption and antivirus software.

3.  Reliability and trustworthiness

Nobody wants to play on a site that will eventually withhold their winnings without any concrete reason. That’s why you need to read several customer reviews about a specific site before signing up. If the site has a history of failing to pay players’ earnings, you might need to reconsider your options.

4.  Good reputation

It is wise to join a casino site whose name is not tarnished anywhere. A site with great products, bonuses and promotions, and friendly customer support would be great.

These are just a few areas to keep an eye on for a safe, fun, and entertaining gaming experience. There are more, including game selection, bonuses and promotions, and fair gaming, among others.

The bottom line

In conclusion, gambling is an activity taking place daily in India. Millions of citizens here are involved in one or more betting activities. Besides, there are both sports and casino betting services. Therefore, you’ll never be out of choices. While gambling laws aren’t clear enough, you can legally gamble in India. However, you need to be careful when choosing where to begin the adventure.

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