Super Spade India Review

super spade india review

SuperSpade Casino Review is a review of the most popular online casino in India review site for online casinos and poker games. SuperSpade is home to numerous free casino games, a variety of casino bonus offers, and a great customer support that allow users to get quick help from the website. If you’re not familiar with the service, it was founded by Daniel Cates who started his business in 2005. He later on got the affiliation with Perfect Your Poker and later on, joined forces with the leading online casino review website in the world. A combination of these services has made SuperSpade the top choice for casino game lovers.

SuperSpade Games is truly a heaven for both the live casino fanatics and for those who love playing online. They not only act as a leading B2B supplier, they are also a leading online casino service provider. They also make the online gaming system available to all around the globe via white-box distributors or brokers.

Live Chat and Support

Another important feature of SuperSpade Casino Review is their live chat service. With this, customers can get the necessary assistance anytime while playing slots on the website. The chat room is located at the bottom of the homepage, next to the casino signup form. By utilizing the chat function, players can interact with the live customer support team, discuss upgrades, or just ask more about the site. This is very helpful especially if you have any problems during the actual gaming experience.

Casino Bonuses

Apart from their excellent customer support and chat room, SuperSpade also offers casino bonuses. Every day, they offer special casino bonuses to players, one of them being the free spins. Players get 1 free spin per day in their SuperVite account. These are called “super” spins because players actually win real cash jackpots from them.

Although the website has many advantages, I would say that its biggest advantage is the casino game slots. The free spins offered by the casino game slots is like a bonus to them. It is like a “sneak attack” on their part. Once a player plays in their super casino slots, he/she will win a free spin and that could be the deciding factor whether or not they will stay in the site. This is how the super spins got their name.

However, despite its best advantages, I am still giving it my own vote for having the best online casino slots service. Because of the various promos and bonuses offered by SupraVside, it has become my “go to” site when it comes to gaming experience. I don’t even consider other sites as “specialists” because they don’t have such promos and bonuses. They are just “okay” sites that offer similar services to SupraVside. I love the fact that they give you a free 1-hour of free playing with a special slot entitled “apex”.

These are table games that are very simple and easy to play with. For example, a person doesn’t need any experience in playing table games before joining this site. All you need is a PC and Internet connection. In addition, each day there are progressive jackpots which will increase your winnings if you play the right combination of casino games.


As you can see, what makes SuperSpade stand out from other casinos is the fact that they have a lot of casino bonuses and promotions. With so much to choose from, it is really difficult to pick out a site that gives you a top quality service. That is why I will always stick with Super Spade because they are the ones that always give you a nice deal on a first deposit, a great deal on the second deposit and even a very good deal on the third or fourth deposit. They are always trying to make sure that you will be coming back to them. The only bad thing about this website is that it does have a couple of payout rates that are a little bit higher than average.

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