The 5 Most Popular Rummy Apps in India

Most Popular Rummy Apps in India

Indians love games and one of the most popular games amongst Indians is Rummy. In groups of five, six or more, Indians gather and start to outwit each other playing Rummy. Thanks to the power of the internet and online gaming, nowadays, Indian players don’t just gather physically when they want to play Rummy but they can play the game in the comfort of their own homes via the internet.

Playing Rummy online is made possible by the numerous Rummy Apps that players can download and install on their mobile devices. In this article, we are going to take time in exploring and exposing the most popular Rummy Apps in India. It’s important for players to note that all of the apps exposed in this article are safe, secure and legal hence players need not worry of crossing paths with law enforcement agents’ when using the apps.

01. Khelplay Rummy

Khelplay Rummy is one of the most popular Rummy apps in India. The popularity of this online app largely stems from the fact that the app offers a variety of Rummy variants. Players who favour classic Rummy games are catered for as there are some classic rummy games offered. Those who prefer the more modern rummy games will also find their favoured propositions on the app.

Another great beauty of the Khelplay Rummy app is that it offers a user friendly interface that’s pretty much easy to navigate. Players won’t lose their way when looking to navigate to different pages using the Khelplay Rummy app. Even more impressive when it comes to this app is that every now and then, the app does run some rummy tournaments. Players can therefore participate in the rummy tournaments and demonstrate their gaming prowess.

02. Classic Rummy

The Classic Rummy app as players can probably deduce from its title is an online app whose main focus is in offering classic rummy games. Worry not though if you happen to be a fan of more modern rummy games as the app also offers such games. Just to put this into perspective, some of the rummy games that players get to enjoy at Classic Rummy include point rummy, 101 pools, 201 pools, Best of 2, Best of 3 as well as Deals Rummy. Here and there, Classic Rummy also runs some Rummy tournaments.

Players who favour Classic Rummy largely do so because of the numerous cash games that are offered. At Classic Rummy, players stand a chance of winning real cash when they win their games. Thanks to the Rummy Tournaments that are conducted every now and then, players at Classic Rummy also stand a chance of winning some cool tournament prizes which at times come in the form of real hard cash!

03. Taj Rummy

Taj Rummy is a rummy online app which is largely inspired by innovative gaming mechanics. To put this into perspective, Taj Rummy is the very first Indian gaming app that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). The use of AI at Taj Rummy allows the app to remember the player’s last gameplay action if the game disconnects abruptly during the middle of a game. With most apps, once a game disconnects abruptly during gameplay for whatever reason, the gaming session is voided and any winnings that the player may have won would revert back to the operator. This however isn’t the case at Taj Rummy owing to its incorporation of AI technology!

When it comes to the rummy games on offer, Taj Rummy largely focuses on 13 card games. Single table to multi table games are all offered. Other different types of classic as well as modern rummy games are also offered.

04. Adda52Rummy

Rummy games are enjoyed all over the world. While this is the case, folks in different parts of the world tend to favour one rummy game over the other. In India, one innovative gaming operator by the name Adda52Rummy did notice that rummy players in India had a special preference for certain rummy games and features. As such, it decided to create a rummy game which exclusively offers the rummy features most loved by Indian players. The result was the development of the 21-card rummy game! Owing to the fact that the 21-card rummy game features the much-loved rummy gaming elements by Indian players, the game has proved to be highly popular in the country and in the same vein, Adda52Rummy has itself become a highly popular rummy app.

Though Adda52Rummy did create its own rummy game, it does also offer other rummy games for the benefit of different types of players. These games range from classic rummy games to more modern rummy games. One other thing which makes Adda52Rummy quite popular in India is the fact that it runs daily rummy tournaments. Players who take part and excel in these tournaments stand a chance of winning some big cash prizes and rewards.

05. Rummy Villa

Rummy Villa is one of the late entrants on the rummy apps arena. Though this is the case, players will find it hard to believe owing to the fact that Rummy Villa is as popular as other pioneering rummy apps in India. This is necessitated by the excellent work that Rummy Villa does. When it comes to customer support platforms, Rummy Villa offers unmatched services. The same can be said for the games it offers, as well as its user friendly app which makes navigation smooth and easy even for gaming newbies,

Perhaps the most impressive of all features when it comes to Rummy Villa is the fact that it operates as a no membership app. Without even depositing funds, players can enjoy all of the games offered at Rummy Villa and can even enter rummy tournaments! Players who choose to make deposits will benefit from a whole host of deposit bonus features! When it comes to withdrawals, Rummy Villa offers ultra fast withdrawals! In a nutshell, we can conclude that India is home to millions of rummy lovers. The rummy lovers can enjoy their favourite pastime when they visit any of the above listed popular Indian rummy apps. All of the listed apps are safe, secure and legal to play at.

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