How to Avoid Being Scammed By Shady Online Casinos

online casino scams

Although most of the Indian players at online casinos and poker rooms are from relatively well off backgrounds, there have always been certain pockets of poor performers who have found ways to wager and win. Gambling is also a very discreet profession. It’s not advised to reveal your identity or location, and most importantly, there’s almost no regulatory body to police the increasingly popular online betting industry. 

In order to protect itself, online gambling organizations have chosen to do business in various jurisdictions, including Namibia, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and Sri Lanka. While the law is essentially uniform on these issues, there are differences in the way operators in different countries operate their respective websites. As an example, most casinos in Namibia and Pakistan do not allow players from outside the country to play their games a or any of the other games that require knowledge of the local language. This can be an insurmountable barrier for someone who wishes to play only for fun in the privacy of his or her home.

On the other hand, in spite of the legal restrictions on gambling in India and Pakistan and despite the difficulties many people have faced while trying to access online gambling sites in these two countries, online casinos continue to grow in popularity. The main reason is that there are an ever increasing number of individuals who recognize the benefits of playing slots online. They know that it’s a secure, reliable way to win real cash from a convenient online casino. After all, if everyone could access a casino, then everybody would want to do it.

Look At The Promotions

It’s easy to tell a dishonest online casino when you look at its promotions and customer support statistics. There are some casinos that have a low percentage of players reporting positive experiences. It’s also easy to tell the reputable casinos from those that are not by looking at their customer support statistics: those that have a high number of players contacting them to ask questions about the service, the games, and their bonuses.

A pure casino will have promotions that keep its players engaged and that will reward them for patronizing their business. A casino can’t simply offer players money for playing; it has to give them promotions and bonuses in order to keep them playing. A pure casino’s promotions and customer support for its players make the game more enjoyable and increase the likelihood that they will return.

Payment Methods

Online casinos need to choose promotions and payment methods that will attract the right type of player. Since the majority of players at an Indian online casino are from urban areas, it might be best for the gambling institution to offer payment methods that will not subject the player to long hold times. If the player is willing to wait long periods for payment, then perhaps a deposit option with a bank in India is the best way for the casino to go. Players in urban areas will be more likely to make larger deposits than those in rural locations because they may need a debit card in order to withdraw money from their bank account, but the casino still needs to be able to process their payments quickly.


Casino reviews will also help players to distinguish between operators who are genuine casinos and others that are not. Gambling online casinos all operate according to the laws of the countries where they operate, but there are some operators who have been found to cheat their clients. This is often because they do not follow set procedures and dos and don’ts of gambling. In order to protect players from these types of operators, it is best for online casinos to hire a gambling lawyer to check on the operation of the casino before payment is given to the player for playing.




Vijay Mohandas
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